The Opportunity. 

Working together to create greater impact.

A path designed by Curated Pathways™ to Innovation will benefit non-profits, corporations, educational institutions and government by providing greater exposure, a network effort and measurable results.

Most importantly, students of all abilities and backgrounds will receive the integrated and collaborative support that they need to fully engage in STEM. A simplified and fully inclusive pathway for underrepresented minorities and women will strengthen the United States position in computing and bridge the Broadening Participation gap.


Are you interested in partnering with a game-changing initiative?

Research shows that diversity of thought improves innovation.

Partner with CP™I
Join the Curated Pathways™ to Innovation project as a Founding Contributor

  • Founding Contributors can drive the direction of the effort through board membership, PR, early access to internships, and opportunities to engage staff in the program
  • Together we will launch a game changing approach to broadening the participation in STEM-C by leveraging technology and harnessing the power of collective impact
  • Participate with pro bono service contribution, volunteerism, lower level financial commitments
Join the CP™I Ecosystem
  • Research collaboration
  • Connection into and out of the community college steps
  • Pro bono support
  • Pathway options
    • Summer coding camps
    • Mentors
    • Support field trips
    • Employee volunteerism in and outside the classroom

Meet the Team

Connect with CP™I Staff 

Vanessa Martinez
STEM Program Lead